Monday, February 27, 2012

My Studio and getting organized.

I've been getting organized in my studio since I got back from CHA. 
 Organizing your studio is almost as important as the creative process itself. I sometimes get frustrated looking for that perfect something to add to my projects when I know I have it but can't find it. 
Here are a few ideas that work well for me and it will always be a work in progress.
This is my wall of wood stamps. The shelves were hand made by my Dad and Son. It's so nice to be able to see them at a glance. The cabinets below the stamp shelves are from Jetmax Modular storage from Michael's. They have been great for me, I started out with just a few of them and then kept adding as I needed. 
The drawer next to my work station has some of the products I love and use the most. 
Dividers come in some of the drawers. They worked great for my Tags and ATC cards. 
I've collected several dies and embossing folders from the Alterations line. The unit with the 4 cube drawers works great for dies, embossing folders, clear stamps, etc..
This is my work space were I actually get work done.  

In this little cabinet on the wall I have inks I use the most, buttons and a few spools of twine and ribbon. I also got this at Michael's. Plastic jars hold Buttons, Game Pieces and Watch Parts. Labeling your ink pads on the side really save time. Ranger Ink has downloads for all there inks on the Ranger web site. They now also have Color Swatch Chart down loads to keep track of your pads. 

This is an antique stamp holder, works great for my Blending Tool Handles. 
Next up! Book shelves hold some of my class supplies, art tools like colored pencils and markers. The baskets have ephemera in them. 
Lots of my art is here for inspiration. Ikea Curtain Wire and Hooks is at the top of the wall, I hang cards there. One package of hooks is not enough. I'll be going back for more.
This cabinet was one of those lucky day things! My husband is a contractor and these cabinets wouldn't fit on the job. So, I had to make a sacrifice, take them of his hands and install them in my studio. It was amazing that they fit with only 1" on each side, like they were made for me. Love them! 
The upper cabinet has all my Tim Holtz cling stamps, they are just on the shelf, no binders just on the shelf like books. I can flip through them very easily to find which ones I need to use. 
I needed a station for my Vagabond. Off to Ikea I went. I wanted a unit that would be able to roll around the room and this is perfect. As you can see it has 6 drawers, 3 thin drawers and 3 larger drawers. 
In the thin drawers I have my Idea-ology charms, trinkets, and more. The charms and trinkets are in a Basic Bead Container also from Michael's they are fairly inexpensive. 
In one of the larger drawers I have all my plates for the Vagabond so they are handy when I need them. 
This storage idea comes from my friend Carol. Thanks Carol! You know all those "Movers and Shapers" they are magnetic right. This is a Magnetic Board, from Ikea, they will stick to the board. So your dies are all there at a glance. 

Thanks for stopping in. 
Please leave a comment with a storage solution from your studio or workspace. 

Have a great day.