Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween Configurations Part 3

Happy Friday! 
How is everyone doing on the projects? I hope you're playing along.

It's time for my favorite part of the configuration process, creating it! 

This section has so many different elements to it. So lets get to it. 
I like to work on the things that need dry time first so I can keep working while things dry. 

Here are a few things we'll be using for this section. Feel free to make substitutions if you would like.  

I have some new decorative strips! Here's a tip from the art department ladies at Sizzix: Add packing tape to the dies when you first get them and this will help the paper release easier. 

Die cut the Cobweb and the Bat border from black Kraft'core, the BOO from manilla card stock, the Mini Feather and Inkwell from grunge board and the Mini Spider form shrink plastic.

Punch out all the excess with a craft pick. 

Paint the Feather and the top of the Inkwell with Picket Fence Distress Paint. 

Paint the inkwell and the tip of the feather with Black Soot Distress Paint. Let dry or dry with a Heat tool.

Sand the edges with a Sanding Grip. Ink the edges with Gathered Twig Distress Ink on an Ink Blending tool.

 Using a Pumice Stone Distress Marker add a line down the center of the Feather with the fine tip. 

Paint the Inkwell with Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint and set aside to dry. 

 Add a little Glossy Accents to the tip of the Feather Pen. 

 Paint the "BOO" with Ripe Perssimon Distress Paint. 

 While the paint is still wet add a tiny bit of Black Soot Distress Paint with your finger. 

 I made the top of the letters a little darker. Let dry.

Apply Glossy Accents to the letters. 

 Heat the shrink plastic and watch the Spiders curl and shrink. I hold them down with a Craft Pic to prevent them from blowing across my work surface. 

Paint the back side of the Spiders with Distress Paint. 

 Add a dot of Glossy Accents.

Dip the spider in Fired Brick Distress Glitter. Let dry. Or you could also use Distress Stickles. 

 Cut out the Rubs you would like to use (october 31). Rub onto the Numeric Alpha "3".

Apply a layer of Glossy Accents to the 31 and set aside to dry. 

 Adhere a section of Spider web to the upper conner of the box. You can use Matte Medium  (it will dry clear) or a hot glue gun. When using a hot glue gun please be careful it's HOT! 

Tear a little piece of paper. Ink the edges with Gathered Twig and Black Soot Distress Ink on an Ink Blending tool. Add Rubs as desired. Roll the top and bottom between your fingers. to curl the up edges.

If the elements are dry adhere them as shown. Position the 31 almost all the way to the left and top of the box. Add half of a game piece to the back of the Ink Well (see photo below) and adhere to box. Add the Feather. Tip: I like to use Hinge Clips to help hold things in place as the glue dries. Pop dot the list. 

Game Pieces are a great way to get elevation to elements.

 Ink the Corks to the Domes with Black Soot Distress Ink. 

 To the inside of the large cork adhere one of the Bats from the decorative strip. 

Adhere a light gauge wire to the back of each letter. For the spider adhere a single strand of  black paper string. Let dry. Be patient if the wires are not all the way dry the wires will come off. 

 Adhere the spider to the top of the box. Be sure to set the corked dome in the box to get the length right. 

For the "B" only, poke the wire through the cotton or batting. Bend the wires to make a little base for the "O" to sit on. Trim the excess wire. Put the cork back on the dome. 

Hold the area that has been glued for extra support and carefully bend the wires on the "O"s to the center. Trim the wires about 1/4" from the top of the "O". Poke a hole it the center of the cork with a Craft Pick. 

 Add a little glue to the hole.

 Carefully push the wires into the hole and let dry. Be sure the "O" is straight. Replace cork onto dome. 

Place the little box back into the book. Close the front of the book. Adhere the domes (BOO) to the box. The domes need to fit within the cut out or the book cover will not close.

Bravo! Our first little box is complete. 

I will be back on Tuesday for part 4! 
Have a creative weekend!

Check your local craft store for supplies or click on the links below. 


  1. This must have taken you hours.
    This is just fabulous. A wonderful piece of ART.
    Thanks for sharing Anneke.

  2. Thank you for the step-by-step. I always look at fabulous pieces like yours and think there's no way I would ever attempt such a project. You make it seem do-able.

  3. This is amazing! Thank you for the details step-by-step instructions. These boxes always look so cool, but I have been scared to attempt something like this on my own. Now I feel like I can make one of my own! LOVE THIS!!!!

  4. Thank goodness you are doing the tutorial, I am still waiting for my configurations book to arrive but hopefully will catch up!

  5. Totally Ghoulish! I love that you are sharing all the tiny details you put into your Halloween configuration Rachel!! TFS I'm loving watching you play. :D

  6. Hello! I stumbled across your blog and am so glad for that lucky stumble! This project is incredible and I was really wow'd by all the details you put into it. Details are what make something come to life and this certainly did for me! Thanks also for the beautiful pictures and step-by-step instructions. This piece is a stunner for sure!

  7. A question about the Sizzix art dept. ladies tip: are they saying to cover new dies with packing tape before use? What happens when the tape inevitably dries out and starts peeling off? I have a problem removing Tim Hotz paper from intricate dies; the paper has so many layers it, tears, or only the top few layers emerge. My soution has been to use luwer quality paper, LOL. But that's frustrating because then I can't use the colors I want. Do they say to only treat new dies in this manner because the nap wears down? Thanks. Wonderful project!

  8. An amazing piece of art, thank you so much for the tutorial, fabulous xx

  9. So many fabulous details - what a joy to see it all broken down. I'm in love with that spider web die, and your glossy accented and glittery spiders look so cool. Delicious work on the letters and numbers too; and the quill "dipped" in the ink is a brilliant touch! Thank you for all these tips and techniques.
    Alison x

  10. This is a fabulous project! Could I ask how you get such clear shots on your tutorials? I am thinking of purchasing a camera and set up for that purpose and for videos and I don't know where to begin. Your shots are excellent!


  11. Wow! What a fab spooktacular project! Thanks for sharing your creative process!

  12. Wow, and I mean WOW!!!! What a freaking piece of art!! Those spiders are really to die for ;) I love all your little details and admire the huge amount of work you put in to this. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, I bookmarked it right away.

  13. This has turned into substation Saturday. This project has really emphasized to me how important it is to keep things organized and to have an inventory list. I thought I had way more of the supplies for this project than I actually do have.
    I don't have the sheet of big black numbers for the 3 one, but I did find some old chipboard letters I could use to spell ONE, just painted them black. I cut the 3 from one of the sheets in the Tim Holtz Halloween stack.
    I have the Spooktacular strip die, but I did find an old sheet of self-adhesive chipboard letters small enough to fit in the glass domes. I don't have the quill and ink bottle die, so I had to switch that theme a bit. I have a cloud and thunderbolt die and some of the Idea-ology light bulbs and made an electricity theme. I don't have any shrink plastic, either, so I had the bright idea to use plastic that products come in to make the spiders. While a nice idea, it didn't work. That kind of plastic doesn't shrink. I'll have to hold off on the spiders until tomorrow. And that's my Substitution Saturday.

  14. Thanks, Richele, for putting spiders in my Christmas stocking.

  15. About the spiders, I experimented with painting them before shrinking them, and this worked great for me. It made it easier to manipulate them while shrinking. Turning them over 3 or 4 time during heating also helped them come out more even rather than turning into little spider balls.

  16. Richele...This compartment is magic! I so love the "BOO" domed vials. Turning them upside down....very clever. :) I love all of your details...down to the red dot on your shrinked spider! YOU are such a talent! <3 Candy