Monday, September 30, 2013

Life in my Dinghy!

Hi bloggers! I was so honored when Lisa Pace asked me to create a special project for "My Life in a Dinghy"
 Our dinghies were to be made from a TP roll and Lisa supplied a template. We were also to stay true to our style and tell the story of 
"My Life in a Dinghy. 

 Traveling across the sea in my dinghy of curiosities...with my scarf blowing in the wind...oh the fun I will have.

I set sail in my dinghy full of wishes to discover new adventures and dreams of endless curiosities of my imagination.

When I discover what I'm looking for, I go ashore on the gleaming sand and realize the adventure has just began......

Head over to  Lisa Pace's blog for "My Life in a Dinghy". You will see what fabulous "Dinghy's" Lisa Pace, Candy Rosenberg, Ronda Palazzari, Donna Salazar, Hels Sheridan, Suze Weinberg, Stephenie Hamen, Tammy Tutterow and Paula Cheney have created. And all from a Toilet Paper too! 

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Oh, I love your dinghy!! Can I come too?

  2. :D I have been following "Life in my Dingy"
    I LOVE your dingy...and it is SO you!
    First the word stickers caught my eye and then the details of the name on your boat, the wings the little anchor and even the little sea of "wishes" and glitter!
    LOL I love how "you" (the doll) are all inky! LOL it's perfect! TFS

  3. Love your dinghy and love your story too. The wishbones are a perfect touch and I adore that gorgeous scarf too.

  4. Oh! That's so dang awesome! Out of TP roll? STOP!!!!
    That's unbelievable!!
    Great job! Love it!

  5. Now this is truly Creative Bliss. Very amazing dinghy and story to accompany it. I love your creativity. Blessings...

  6. oh my, this is so beautiful. love all the details!

  7. Your dinghy rocks and rolls in the sea!!! Love the texture and wood real looking! The sail is amazing! Love this!

  8. OMG ... this is the cutest Dingy... OMG... I love it EVERY detail is AWESOME; the scarf, the wings ... OMG (Joy tears in my eyes)... Love your Dingy, and love your story !!!