Monday, June 9, 2014

A Ruffle Tote for Quilt Market

Hi friends! How was your weekend? I hope you made some time to be creative! My workshops at Stampers Corner in Elk Grove were so FUN! Thanks ladies, you all did such an awesome job. Love all your creativity!

Here is the "Ruffle Tote" featuring Eclectic Elements fabric. This project happens to have more hours then any of the other projects I made, not that it was more difficult, the project just started in a totally different direction. It was well worth all the hours because I love the way it turned out.
The tote has 2 big ruffle going up and down each side. 

Torn edges on the ruffles give it a raw deconstructed look.

Here's the main part of the bag, just randomly pieced. 

Love the "Subway" print for the top band of the tote. 

Repeating the pieced look for the handle helped tie it all together. 

This is where the tote started. It was definitely worth all the work.

Thanks for stopping in! 


  1. Richele you rocked this bag! I love the piece work in between the large ruffles. I agree the subway art fabric is perfect for the band. Fabulous bag! Your own design? Love!

  2. Your random piecing is amazing and I just love the gorgeous ruffles. I have just made a bag using the Eclectic Elements but you have made me wish I put ruffles on it now! Anne xx

    PS Thank you again for sharing my Tim Tag, I really appreciate it. x

  3. I LOVE the tote the way it first started! The ruffles are nice also. :)

  4. Just fantastic....I would be totally happy with where it started!

  5. Great Bag Richele like how it started but I love how it finished. Mo x

  6. What a super bag Richele! Love it. Jenny x

  7. Richelieu....this is beyond fabulous! I love the design and fab ruffles. Wish I lived in the US and could attend your workshop

    Annie x