Saturday, July 18, 2015

More "Bird Crazy" to love...

Hello all! Thank you all so much for the great comments and  suggestions to name the graduate. I think Albert (as is Albert Einstein) will be perfect, thanks Annette Green for the awesome suggestion. 

This series of cards has Bird "Things" that I have altered to be something other then their original purpose. Take the balloon for instance. 

Henriett is busy making some art…she's a little messy. 
To create the artist palette cut off the little tied portion of the ballon, add a little bit of Dina Wakley's paint and you have the perfect palette. Aren't those little brushes too cute? 

Sheldon wants to cheer up his friend.
This big flower was also made from the balloons stamps, 6 oval balloons for the petals and 1 round balloon for the center. Don't forget the leaves, there are just the bunny ears.  

Max is sporting a bow tie with polka dots. The bow tie is over stamped with the polka dot tie using a stamp positioner. Easy peasy!!

I think Sheldon is a great name for this "Bird Crazy" a great suggestion from Marcie Lovett for the grad bird but I think it's fitting for this one. 

Meet Sheila, Sheldon's younger sister. She loves going on vacation at the beach! 
I had so much fun making this one with a little yellow polka dot bikini. The top is a pair of sunglasses turned over and over stamp with the polka dot tie. Don't forget to draw in a little mark for here belly button. 

I'm having so much fun with these guys…maybe a little too much fun! What will you make with these cute little "Bird Crazy" and "Bird Things"?

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you are having a creative weekend! 

Here's all the goodies!!