Thursday, January 14, 2016

CHA 2016 Tim Holtz style

Hello friends! CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Show) is always such a huge whirl wind, I can hardly believe the show is over! The excitement of receiving all the new product and creating, it's always a highlight of my year. I love to see what the new trends are, all the new products, the best is seeing old friends and making new ones. 

This is the convention center and the weather was so beautiful. I love southern California weather. Although it did rain a little throughout the week there was also plenty of blue sky and sunshine. 

The first day of set up was like a ghost town because the crates are being moved in on fork lifts. 

The Idea-ology booth has many elements to set up from putting the walls up, installing the cabinets or fixtures and laying down the floors.

And there is so many props, big props, little props but best of all VINTAGE props.

Not to mention a new IDEA-OLOGY sign to love. 

When set-up is all done the booth is beautiful!! 
Take a look...

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Wow, looks so amazing! You guys did a fabulous job, Richele! As always! SUCH a treat to see!

  2. Oh that is just awesome! Can I come play next year?

  3. The Ideaology booth is always one of my favorites. I love to stand there and take it all in. All that vintage goodness is almost as great as the new product!

  4. Thank you for the peak! You are going to need an extended period of time to soak it all in, digest it and start incorporating all that beauty and inspiration into your works of beauty!~ Wow. Thanks for sharing! So looking forward to what these seeds of beauty will bring out in your work!

  5. Thanks for the post!!! What a process AND SO beautiful in the end....

  6. It all looks fabulous - and I've been enjoying all the videos from the show. Congratulations - all your hard work is so much appreciated.
    Alison x

  7. Fabulous pictures Richele, thanks so much for sharing them! I was glued to Periscope and Instagram all weekend watching all the fun from CHA, so much hard work by everyone involved but amazing and beautiful results! Deb xo

  8. Thanks for sharing all the BTS and giving us such a great photo tour of the booth. It looked absolutely incredible. :)