Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Frameworks and Eclectic Elements Fabric…Serendipitous!

Hi friends! 
Back when I was sewing for Quilt Market, Tim challenged me to create some projects using his Frameworks dies. Hummm! 

The result was serendipitous!

I started by testing a few combinations. 

Then this happened…serendipitous right? Look at how those bottle caps line up in the centers. WOW it was meant to be. 

I was off and running. I covered several pieces of Phoomph with fabric (available at Joann fabric stores). Phoomph is sort of like a soft fun foam that is sticky on both sides and it doesn't gum up your needle. It comes in several colors like white, black, pink, blue and is available in soft and stiff. I used black, soft Phoomph. Cover one side of the Phoomph with the Black Worn Croc Eclectic Elements fabric. Cut down the pieces to fit the die. Die cut several pieces with the Courtyard Frameworks die. Once the pieces are die cut peel off the backing on the Phoomph and line up the Top Shop Eclectic Elements Fabric (bottle caps) with the die cut pieces. You will need to play with the fabric to get it to line up. I used my tweezers to help manipulate the die cut pieces to fit. 

After you have all the pieces positioned together trim off the fabric hanging over the die cut. 

Here is a peek at the back side. 

Pin the piece to the backing fabric and sew down the center of the die cuts. 

I used a contrasting thread for the topstitching so it would enhance the design. 

Not only did I make the pillow, I also made this fun zipper pouch to hold important stuff! 

Even the lining  on the inside is fun. 

I hope you will try some fun projects with Eclectic Elements Fabric. 
I would love to hear about what you thinking of making? 

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by….
See you soon!