Friday, October 21, 2016

Easy DIY Pumpkins - Idea-ology style!

Hello friends! I love decorating for Halloween, you know how I love Halloween! 
Here are a few ideas for decorating pumpkins that are fast, simple and fun, even the kids would have fun making them! 
If your looking for more inspiration don't forget to check out Tim's recap of the Halloween Inspiration Series. They are to die for!  

From just adhering Jute String, coving a pumpkin with Design Tape or just as simple as adding a few embellishments to the top.

Gather a few supplies... Halloween Jute String, Materialized Design Tape, Sizzix Alteration Punches, Crayons, Type Tokens, Wicked Adornment Spiders, Crypt Cameos, Cardstock and of corse some pumpkins to decorate. 

Using Design Tape to cover the entire pumpkin. I worked from top to bottom and around, as you work make sure you burnish the tape as you go. Some wrinkles will occur but not to worry I think it adds a little character. When I was working I overlapped each previous strip and kept working until the entire pumpkin was covered. 

Add shading with Distress Crayons. I added Rusty Hinge and Vintage Photo to darken the top and bottom. Scribble the Crayon on in small areas and blend out by rubbing with your finger. 

I also darkened the indentations to enhance the shape of the pumpkin.  Draw the Distress Crayon on the pumpkin and smooth out by rubbing with your finger. 

Add reindeer moss using a hot glue gun to adhere to the top around the stem. 

Sand the cardstock, punch leaves and branches using the Sizzix Alterations punches by Tim Holtz. 

Ink the leaves with Distress Ink on an Ink Blending Tool. Add them to the top with a glue gun. 

Color the Typed Token words with Distress Crayons then rub off the excess with a dry towel. 

Add Wicked Adornment spiders and Crypt Cameos with Jump Rings to the Swivel Clasp then adhere to the top of the pumpkin. 

Can't wait for Halloween I love to see all the little children come to my door in their costume. and the candy is pretty good too!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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