Tuesday, February 27, 2024

COLORBLOCK - Triangle Pillow

Hello! The COLORBLOCK fabric designed by Tim Holtz for FreeSpirit Fabrics ins't just for blocks of color you can also make triangles. And before you say no way it's not as bad as it seems. Paula Cheney had this great idea! What if you makes strips and sew them together to make the triangles. She's brilliant! 

I used the COLORBLOCK Canvas Cloth. The canvas is very soft and easy to sew. 

I cut the strips measuring 1/4" beyond the points of the design for the seem allowance. There I a bit of waste but you can use them for something else later. As you start to piece things together be sure to pin at the points so they match up. Your seam allowance will be 1/4" and please press the seems open. 

You can see the browns and pinks strip has the 1/4" cut past the points. Keep in mind that the strip is not going to be an exact measurement throughout the strip. This will all works out, trust me. 

Continue sewing the strips together until you have approximately 16 1/2"wide give or take. 
Cut a square approximately 16 1/2" and press lightweight woven interfacing the back, 
I used Pellon SF101. Layer pillow top with batting and backing like your making a quilt. The backing will not show so something like muslin will work great. 

Quilt as desired through all the layers. I chose diagonal quilting with a medium dark blue thread. 

Create the pillow as you wish using pipping or binding around the perimeter.
Enjoy your pillow!. Happy sewing! 

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Saturday, February 24, 2024

COLORBLOCK - Firefly Tote

Hi friends! Today I'd like to share the Firefly Tote I made for the Tim Holtz COLORBLOCK release. You can catch this on Tim's Chanel. The Firefly Tote pattern is by Anna Graham and her company is Noodlehead. I love her patterns they're very refined and the details are nice. She has a videos on YouTube of most of her patterns. I choose a heavy denim for the base of the tote and paired it with the COLORBLOCK - Tiled by Tim Holtz for FreeSpirit Fabrics.

Firefly Tote 
pattern by Noodlehead
fabrics COLORBLOCK by Tim Holtz
photo by Tim Holtz

The top of the bag has a drawstring closure.

You can also push the drawstring portion inside the bag if you prefer. 

The front has a zipper pocket and a slip pocket above the zipper. 

Inside there is another pocket. The pocket is in Crimson Provisions and the lining is Denim Provisions fabric also from Tim Holtz. 

Leather handles that have been riveted on for extra strength.  

If you're looking for a little bit of fabric Simon Says has a couple bundles.
If you'd like some yardage Whim-So-Doodle has Yardage and they ship fast! 

Happy Sewing and thanks for dropping by!

If you'd like some yardage Whim-So-Doodle has Yardage and they ship fast! 

Happy Sewing and thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

COLORBLOCK fabric Sneakers!

 Hello everyone! Today I want to share a little about the Sneakers I made with the ColorBlock fabric designed by Tim Holtz for FreeSpirit Fabrics. I had been seeing these quilted sneakers popup on Instagram so I decided to give it a try. 

I ordered the Sneaker Kit from BuckleBee Patterns that everyone was using. They have the soles in white, or black. The kit comes with the sole, pattern, a great instruction booklet with all the details, thread, needle, and even a thimble. I would suggest that you have intermediate sewing skills. 

To get started I quilted my layers together with the layers outlined in the instructions. I quilted the ColorBlock fabric in the ditch. 

Cut out the pattern and make all the markings for the sewing holes and eyelet. Next pinch the holes I have a Japanese screw punch that worked great. I would put the eyelets in at this point when the fabric is flat. 

After sewing the binding around the top I got to hand sewing the fabric part to the soles. This will take a while so be patient and if you're not a thimble wearer like me your fingers might be a little sore. 

Once you're done sewing you will need to add shoelaces and put the insole in and just like that you're done. I can't wait to wear them around town! 

Happy sewing friends! 
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Saturday, February 17, 2024

COLORBLOCK projects - fabric designed by Tim Holtz

Hello friends! I have to say that this collection was very inspiring to me. The fact that Tim created the little squares one at a time a few years back makes it even better. The box arrived after Christmas and I was opening the box it came to me that this fabric was very special. 

Tim's fabric is produced by FreeSpirit Fabric and is available in stores or online now.  

So with that said I made several projects. Let me show you! 

The first 3 project are made from patterns by Kaitlyn Howell at Knot and Thread. Kaitlyn is a pattern designer, a longer quilter and she does fabulous work. If you're new to sewing bags I would choose the "All Things Tote" because there's no zippers involved. Kait has some videos that will help you get started, she also has all the supplies on her website and always ships right away which is a bonus. 

pattern by Knot and Thread

pattern by Knot and Thread

pattern by Knot and Thread
photo credit Tim Holtz

Next up is another favorite patterns designer Anna Graham and her company is called Noodlehead. She also has videos to support her patterns. I really loved this bag with the mix of Denim and ColorBlock fabric and don't you like the drawstring at the top? 

pattern by Noodlehead
photo by Tim Holtz

Everyone loves a good zipper pouch so I made a few different styles. 

pattern by Molko
photo by Tim Holtz

pattern by Sotak Patterns

More projects...
The pillow is made with strips of fabric to create triangles. Thanks Paula for the great idea. 
No patterns for the following items but a blog post will follow. 



photo credit Tim Holtz

Here are a few project of things to wear.

photo credit Tim Holtz

Taking a store bought shirt and adding the fabric to the yolk and cuffs. 

pattern by Tori Capes for Mad Cap Hats 

sneaker kit from BucklebeeBags.com

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If you'd like to get a little fabric Simon Says Stamps has a couple options.