Friday, May 31, 2013

Melt Art Mania Votive Candles!

Hi Bloggers! Melt Art Mania is still going on!
 I've been loving everyones projects! 
Hope you've had a chance to check it out.

I have another Melt Art project to share over on the Ranger Blog this time! 

These fun votive candles! 
Check out the full instructions here.

Look at this fabulous prize package from Ranger!! You could win!!
Just leave a comment by midnight PST June 2nd on my other Melt Art Mania post for a chance to win this amazing Melt Art prize package from Ranger!! 
Click here to get to that post for a chance to win!! 

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Melt Art Mania!

Hi Bloggers! I'm so excited to be a part of Melt Art Mania
The projects have been amazing!!
And Ranger is giving away prizes, see the details at the end of this post. 
There are so many different ways to use Melt Art. Wether you're a mixed media artist, a jewelry maker, a card maker, scrapbooker, or make home decor pieces, Melt Art makes it so easy. You can use UTEE, embossing powders, Bees Wax and so much more in the Melting Pot. There is something for everyone! 

Melt Art embellishments are the focus of my card today. I've used UTEE, HeatIt Inks, Shrink Plastic and the Melting Pot of corse. 

 Using a Sharpie to trace around your hand onto a piece of Inkssentials Shrink Plastic.

 Cut the hand shape out with scissors. Be sure to cut the Sharpie all the way off.

 Working on a non-stick Craft Sheet, turn your Melting Pot onto the UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) setting. Pour a good amount of UTEE into the pot. Place the lid onto the pot and let heat/melt. Don't forget the Melting Pot and it's contacts get very HOT, so be careful!

 Now to shrink the hand! I know the hand is huge compared to the pot put as soon as the hand hits the UTEE is will shrink. As the hand shrinks it will curl up, no worries, be patient and the hand will flatten back out. 

 Once the hand shrinks and flattens back out grab the hand with your tweezers. As you pull the hand from the pot drag it on the side to remove the excess UTEE off the bottom side of the hand. 

 Place the hand onto the Craft Sheet. Work quickly for this step as the hand will hardens as it cools. 

 Working on the back side of the hand scribble Glossy Accents all over the hand. 

 Place the hand onto a piece of card stock. As you set the hand on the paper swirl the hand to spread the glue out. Pick up the hand and press the card stock onto the uneven parts of the hand. Let dry then trim around the hand with scissors.

Now for the Heart! Add several drops of Garnet Heat It Ink to the melted UTEE. Stir gently. It's normal for the ink to bubble. The color should be red in color and should still be translucent. As the UTEE heats the bubbles should disappear. You can use a HeatIt Tool if necessary. 

Die cut the heart from fun foam!  Adhere dictionary paper to the back of the heart with a Collage Glue Stick. 

Lay the heart onto your Craft Sheet. Make sure it lays flat.

 Gently pour the red UTEE into the heart shape. TIP: Be carefully not to over pour.

 Let the UTEE harden.

Peel back the fun foam template and the dictionary print. If necessary trim off any excess paper. 

Now for the card portion of our project. Ink the edges of the background print and the Love ticket with Vintage Photo Distress Ink on an Ink Blending tool.

 Sand and ink the card and card pieces with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. 

 Assemble the card then adhere the Hand and Heart with Red Line tape. 

 Tie twine around the hand with a bow.

Use the Tiny Attacher to attach the ticket. 

Add Glossy Accents to the Signage Alpha Parts letters. Let dry.


Here's a peek at the inside. Love this saying! 

Here's the best part! Leave a comment here before midnight PST on June 2nd for a chance to win this fabulous prize pack from Ranger. 
I'll announce the winner on June 3rd.

Thanks Ranger for inviting me to participate! Love your products!! 
They're the BEST!
Thanks for stopping in and good luck!

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