Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 Inspiration Series - Mini Mason Jars

Hi friends! Thank you all for stopping by my blog today I'm so happy you're here. Today I'm sharing a few ways to alter the Mini Mason Jars for gifts, a home decor piece or something fun to hold your favorite photo for the holidays. The post is a little long so grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy! 

The first Mini Mason Jar is perfect for a quick gift for the kids or in my case the Grandkids! 

Wash all pieces of the Mini Mason Jar before you start. 
Paint lid with Evergreen Bough Distress Paint and let dry. 

Stamp Holiday Postmark of your choice on Christmas Paper Stash with Archival Ink.

Punch out postmark with Tim Holtz/Sizzix 1 1/4" hole punch. 

Fit punched paper into ring and place in Tag Press and press. See Tim's video on the Tag Press here.  

Once you've press the ring punch a small hole at the top of the ring to add a string later. 

Die cut a couple circles from Stitched Circles to fit the top of the lid. Also die cut the mug from the Mini Christmas Things. I used the new Sidekick for die cutting today. Super handy and oh so cute. Use scissors to cut off the steam on the red cup. 

Ink the edges of the circles and mug using Distress Ink on a Mini Ink Blending Tool. 

Adhere the mug together with Distress Collage Medium. Add the mug and the small circle with foam tape to create a little dimension. Adhere the plaid circle directly to the lid with Collage Medium.

Alcohol ink the Metallic ribbon, apply Alcohol Ink to applicator tool, place on ribbon and pull ribbon to color. 

Tie a bow around the top of the jar adding the snowflake, use a small piece of string to tie the post mark tag to the bow. 

Fill the jar with hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. 
The kids are going to love it! 

This Mini Mason Jar decor piece has an elegant look but can also be made in traditional colors. 

Spray trees with Distress Mica Spray in Tarnished Brass. 

Apply Distress Collage Medium to the tree using your finger. 

Pour Vintage Platinum Distress Glitter Dust over trees and shack off excess glitter, set aside to dry. 

Apply Gold Metallic Mixative and a few drops of Blending Solution to cotton swab and rub over deer to color.

Cut a circle to fit in the bottom of the Mini Mason Jar. (Approximately 1 1/2") The circle is for a base to adhere everything to and will not show. 

Adhere the deer to the circle using hot glue. 

Cut the base off the trees and adhere the trees with hot glue. The trees should not overhang the circle to much or they won't fit in the jar. 

Apply a generous amount of Collage medium to the bottom of the circle. 

lower the unit into the jar to adhere to the bottom and let dry. 

Add Distress Rock Candy Glitter to the Mini Mason Jar for snow. 

Apply Gold Metallic Mixative to the lid, Curio Knob, Pine Cones and Christmas Word Band. I used the lid from the Photo Clip Kit or you can drill your own hole. 

Punch greenery out with the Holly and Juniper Punch. Alcohol ink the greens withGold Metallic Mixative on an Applicator Tool. 

Apply Gold Metallic Mixative to the Beaded Berries to color gold. 

Bend the Word Band to fit the curve of the jar using jewelry pliers. Apply Black Soot Distress Crayon to the Word Band. It's helpful to heat up the Word Band before you add the Crayon.  

Rub off with a soft cloth and the Crayon will remain in the words. 

Adhere the greenery around the center hole with Distress Collage Medium. Attach Curio Knob to lid. Tie Metallic Ribbon around Curio Knob attaching Pine Cones and Bells with a bow. 

Thread the ribbon through the Word Band, add a small piece of foam tape to the back of the band and tie around the bottom of the jar. 

Adding the Photo Clip Kit to the Mini Mason Jar and adding a photo or ephemera can be fun too. 

Create a collage with Ephemera, Paper Dolls and even a tree. 

Embellish lid with Distress Paint, Fringe, Typed Token and Christmas Jute String. 

Attach collage to Photo Clip, add candy to the Mini Mason Jar and your all set. 

I hope you will try a few Mini Mason Jars this season! 
Thanks for stopping in! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Inspirations Series - Holiday Cards

Hi friends! So happy to be here today with some fun and easy cards to make for the holidays. These cards feature the Christmas Cling Foam Stamps. Foam stamps are great for cards, Mixed Media projects, you can use paint or ink with them and they cling to your block. These stamps are so easy to use! 

When making multiple cards for the holidays using the right tools for the job is essential. The Stamp Platform is a great tool for reproducing multiple cards easily.

Place a piece of Watercolor Cardstock on the Stamp Platform and place the magnets on the edges to hold in place. Position the stamps over the cardstock then close the lid to pick up the stamps. 

Apply Distress Oxide Ink to the stamps. You could use one color but I chose a few colors for my ornaments. You can change up the colors and have fun with it! 

Stamp the ornaments on to the cardstock. Repeat as desired. 

Stamp the JOY and the ornament tops with Distress Embossing Ink, pour on Gold Embossing Powder, shake off excess and heat with a heat tool. 

Add a few sprigs of greenery at the top, don't forget to mask off at the center.

Apply Iced Spruce Distress Oxide Ink through the Layering Stencil using an Ink Blending Tool avoiding the ornaments.

Ink the edges of the card, mat and background with Vintage Photo Distress Oxide Ink on an Ink Blending tool. 

Apply Alcohol Ink to an Ink Applicator Tool, hold the tool over the ribbon and pull the Metallic Trimmings through the ink to color. Turn the ribbon over if needed to color both sides. 

Try different colors as desired. I love how you can still see the metallic in the ribbon, makes it look iridescent. 

Add stitching to card, adhere all the layers together and add bow to ornaments. 

I hope you will try the new Cling Stamps and the Stamp Platform.
Happy creating! 

Thanks for stopping by.