Monday, September 30, 2013

Life in my Dinghy!

Hi bloggers! I was so honored when Lisa Pace asked me to create a special project for "My Life in a Dinghy"
 Our dinghies were to be made from a TP roll and Lisa supplied a template. We were also to stay true to our style and tell the story of 
"My Life in a Dinghy. 

 Traveling across the sea in my dinghy of curiosities...with my scarf blowing in the wind...oh the fun I will have.

I set sail in my dinghy full of wishes to discover new adventures and dreams of endless curiosities of my imagination.

When I discover what I'm looking for, I go ashore on the gleaming sand and realize the adventure has just began......

Head over to  Lisa Pace's blog for "My Life in a Dinghy". You will see what fabulous "Dinghy's" Lisa Pace, Candy Rosenberg, Ronda Palazzari, Donna Salazar, Hels Sheridan, Suze Weinberg, Stephenie Hamen, Tammy Tutterow and Paula Cheney have created. And all from a Toilet Paper too! 

Thanks for stopping in!