Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eclectic Elements at Quilt Market!!

Hi bloggers!
I'm back from International Quilt Market in Portland.....It was so exciting to be at there for the first time in my life!! WOW! The show was so inspiring! So much amazing talent!! 

I can't believe I'm here for the debut of Eclectic Element fabric by Tim Holtz! 

Here's the Convention Center, notice the typical Portland weather. 

I found the booth and it was a flurry of activity getting things all set up! 

Tim loved the quilt. 

This is the Coats booth with all the lovely projects. Looks AWESOME don't you think?

The booth had that vintage feel and the projects were unbelievable to showcase the new fabric.  There were pillows, tote bags, journals, birdies in a nest, quilts, the apron and even an upholstered chair. There was something for every kind of sewer/crafter.

The Sizzix booth was adorned with lots of inspiration from Debi Adams, just look at all these incredible projects.

 And here is the quilt I made! Don't you just love the vintage feel! 

Here's is the back! The way the fabrics go together is....heaven!

The fabric will be available in July! I can't wait for more. I have so many projects I want to make. What will you make?

A HUGE thank you to Tim, Paula and Mario for including me in this amazing journey!
Love being at Quilt Market with you all!


  1. Love, love, love. You are so amazing and talented!
    So jealous that you got to see Quilt Market!!

  2. Holy Cow!!! What an amazing experience this must have been and what a STUNNING quilt you made! Both my grandmothers were quilters, but I am totally overwhelmed by even attempting to quilt. Sooo love yours and thanks for sharing so many gorgeous photos. The booths look fabulous. I was able to create a few very small projects for the Therm O Web booth. Would have loved to have been there. TFS!

  3. Lucky, lucky you!! It must have been fantastic and the projects (including your wonderful quilt) look out of this world! I shall simply have to learn to sew now...

  4. Oo beautiful work girl!! just lovely!

  5. incredible!!! you are such an inspiration!!! love ya!

  6. Your quilt is stunning and the back is totally gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this joy of the quilt show. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  7. Oh Richele!!!! Holy Cow WOW!!! I zoomed it's gorgeous...the details are amazing! I love all the fabrics you used...what a labor of love! The show must have been amazing! Oh that chair lucky to see it all! KUDOS to you on that amazing quilt! An heirloom to have for years and years!!!

  8. Fantastic! I'm a Stamper and I lov to Quilt. Lucky ME!

  9. Wow Richele!! Love your quilts!! they are amazing! I really liked those pillows too.. They would look awesome in my living room.. May have to make some of those.. Lol :) Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.. I hope you are good.. I'm saving up to go to CHA in the winter.. Hope we can meet then :) Huugs!

  10. WOW, what an amazing opportunity for you, and your Quilt and the pillows were just amazing... I'm excited for Tim and All of you who participated ...FABULOUS, FABULOUS !!!

  11. When's your quilt class!!!!? :)

  12. Love your quilt! I can't believe you sold it!!! Can you tell me the actual size of the quilt? Thanks so much!!! ♥