Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Configuration Book Part 11

Hi friends! So glad to be back blogging!  
Let's put the finishing touches on the cover. 

Gather your supplies. Distress paint (picket fence, black soot, walnut stain, vintage photo), Gathered Twigs Distress Ink, Blending tool, Swivel Clasp, Jump Rings, Word Keys, Plaquette, Crinkle Ribbon, Cross Bones, Curio Knobs, Enameled Tags.
Die cuts - Crescent Moon from Grunge Board, Branch Tree from Grunge, Iron Gate Decorative Strip die cut from black Kraft'Core, Bats Garland Decorative Strip die cut from Black Kraft'core.

Paint Curio Knob, Enameled Tag and the Plaquette with Black Soot Distress Paint. 

Before the paint dries wipe off paint with a soft towel. The Enameled Tag should remain pretty solid black to receive the white rub ons. 

Add elements to a the Swivel Clasp with Jump Rings. Thread the blackish Crinkle ribbon we dyed in an earlier post through the Jump Ring. 

To instal the Curio Knob poke a hole with a craft pick. Then use your scissor end to ream out the hole a little. AKA - the scissor drill as Tim calls it. 

Screw the Curio Knob in place. 

Tie the Ribbon around the knob with a square knot. 

Paint the back of the fence with Black Soot Distress Paint. 

Trim fence to size. I lined up the children with the gate so it looked like the children just walked through. 

Add Glue and Seal to the bottom edge and glue to the front of the box. 

Add a little Glue and seal to the sides of the fence. 

Paint the Crescent with Picket Fence Distress Paint. 

Sand and distress the edges with Distress Ink on an Ink Blending Tool. Don't forget to paint and distress the backside of the moon too. 

Adhere the Crescent to the front cover. 

Paint the tree with Distress Paint. Use a blending tool with a piece of foam to blend the paints with a pouncing motion. Let dry. 

Sand the edges and ink with Distress Ink on an Ink Blending Tool.  

Hot glue some moss under the trunk of the tree. 

Add a few bat in and around the tree. 


A few creative people have uploaded their projects. So fun! Thank you! I can't wait to see what you've all done and remember I will be choosing a few random winners from the uploads. 

Thanks for stopping in and thanks for your patience while I was sick.