Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Configuration Book Part 9

Hi friends! How's your week going? Are you taking Tim's Creative Chemistry 102 class? It has been an awesome class!! 
Today we are going to light up our project! 

I love the mini lanterns in the configurations. I think it adds a nice touch. 

Gather your supplies. Distress paint (black soot, vintage photo, antique bronze), gathered twigs distress ink, the mini lantern, skeleton stamp or skeleton, spider web, apothecary bottle cut from grunge board, rock candy distress crackle paint and some white rubs.

Paint the lantern with black soot distress paint.

Don't forget to paint the cord black to. Let dry.

Paint the apothecary bottle with vintage photo distress paint and a little antique bronze around the outer edges. Makes it look like a real bottle. Let dry.

Sand and ink the edges.

Apply a thickish layer of rock candy distress crackle paint. Let dry. 

Once the crackle dries apply the rub ons. 

Ink the cracks with gathered twigs distress ink on an ink blending tool. 

For our skeleton I'm going to use Stamp-2-cut. Stamp your image with jet black archival ink onto manilla card stock. 

Mark your register marks.

Cut with the eclips. Super easy. If you don't have Stamp-2-cut no worries you can cut a skeleton out by hand or maybe even a purchased skeleton would work. Whatever you have is great. 

Ink the edges. 

Now for the lantern. Cut the corner of the box in the upper left. 

Using your scissors as a drill, ream a small space/hole for the wire to go through in the corner. 

Carefully slip the wire into the corner leaving a little bit of wire. 

You can hardly see the slit once the wire is in. 

As you can see on the back it comes right out the corner. 

Now slit the upper left corner of the configurations book. 

The wire will go through the slit to the back of the book. 

Install the wire as shown. 

Tape the wire 3/4's of the way down the right side in the back. Cut the backing paper and glue it down with a glue stick. 

Decorate the back with some bottle labels as desired with gathered twigs on an ink blending tool.

Tissue tape all the way around the paper backing.

 You can see the wire will still come out about 3/4's of the way down. 

Paint the edges with black soot distress paint and rub it in with your finger before it dries. This will make it look like its part of the book. 

Add velcro dots to the book to hold the battery pack near the wire. 

Add velcro dots to both sides of the battery pack and the back of the bottle. 

Here's the back. You don't even see the battery pack. 

Size up were you want your lantern. 

Add foam tape to the back of the lantern. 

Place the lantern in it's new home. 

Now for the web. Snip the web so you can tuck it behind the mini lantern. 

Add a little glue down both edges. 

Place the web in the corner. Add a little glue to the tips of the web to help hold it. 

Use a big stack of foam tape to pop the skeleton into the box. 

Position the skeleton so it looks like he is carrying the lantern. 

Adhere the top two boxes to the book keeping the wire at the top. 


This is the original skeleton. He has a dark background. I like that the skeleton stands out a little more now. What do you think?

Thank for stopping in.


  1. I think it's awesome! and I think the slight bit of color around the skeleton makes him POP a bit more for sure! Great work Richele and thanks for sharing! I'm in CC102 also...GREAT class...but that goes without saying. I mean he is the Master. :D

  2. Your Halloween book project has given me lots of ideas for future projects! I'm not into Halloween this way but can certainly see other holidays portrayed or maybe a memorial to someone who's no longer in the physical world. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for this lesson. I'm so glad you've continued on. I really enjoy the CC102 classes. You and Tim are awesome!

  4. Hi Richele, I have been waiting for this part, it is my favourite and can't wait to do it now! Love the dark bit around the skeleton, it really makes him stand out. Tim's CC102 has been brilliant, I am learning so much! Thanks so much for this next instalment too! Anne x

  5. stunning creation - TOTALLY awesome!!x

  6. What a fabulous project, Richele! Not sure I'll get this made in time for Halloween this year, but I'm definitely going to make it some day. Thanks also for the variety of techniques you've incorporated into the design. It's been a great learning experience!

  7. So awesome... thanks for the tutorial ! OMG... so many fun details... I spot more every time I look at it !!

  8. Absolutely awesome - what a beautiful configuration box and a wonderful step by step tutorial for us to try too. Thanks for your generosity in sharing this information and the inspiration it brings.

  9. This is just absolutely over the top FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much for sharing the incredible process! So much hard work. :) Love it!

  10. Um, this is so freaking amazing that I don't even know what to say!!!! AWESOMENESS!